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TABOO was a photography test run project i did back in 2017. I shot all these photos in a gay club in Singapore called TABOO, thus the title of this project. Initially, my concept of this shoot was to bring some light to the gay club scene in Singapore blah blah blah. But as it was (honestly) my first time using a camera, i wasnt so sure how to adjust some things like the shutter speed and i barely even knew how to use the flash. Sadly half of my photos turned out completely black and i just chucked all these photos aside....
And fast forward two years later while editing all of my other works , i decided to import all these photos into my lightroom for fun. I max-ed out the exposure on all of these black photos so i could see what they actually were. And it was such an emotional sight to uncover the images of all my friends, the people and the things i took two years ago.... and all the differences in my friends and everything within the past two years. Even TABOO itself had a renovation.... 
So.... i guess u could say TABOO was like a time capsule of my life and the people around me. And although i didnt get to do my cliche tryna-show-the-gay-scene-in-singapore thingy (which im glad i didnt because that would have been really pretentious because im not even gay hahaha) i got something much more fulfilling and personalised to me. It was really heartwarming to see just how both me and my friends have grown not just as people but also in terms of style (as designers). TABOO may not have been one of my best works but i would say that its definitely the most rewarding (and "accidental") one ive done. 
Just some 2am thoughts...... and thank u Vanessa, Evin, Fawwaz and Tian Po for being part of this night as well <3

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